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Baunach's specialist partner, Mr Michael Schreiner, master craftsman at Schuster und Sohn KG in Kaiserslautern, has implemented the rendeMIX heat distribution system with a 3-chamber distribution system. We were able to ask Mr. Schreiner about the system and learn why he uses the rendeMIX every time:

Have you already had experience with the efficiency of the plant?

This system was ordered from Baunach in 06/2016 and was finally completed in 08/2016. Beforehand, the overall concept (hydraulic diagram) was perfectly prepared by Baunach and made available to us as the executing craftsman's company free of charge. A comparable planning of the system hydraulics would have cost us and the customer many thousands of euros and would have made the BV even more expensive by up to 35,000.00 €. We can say that this alone more than justifies the allegedly higher price of the Baunach system components.
Since the supplier of the CHP plant (Wolf from Mainburg) has many years of experience, it was quickly determined that the cycle behaviour of the GTK18 CHP (18 KW electrical and 35 KW thermal) is much better than comparable objects. It can be said that this CHP had a maximum of only 1-2 start processes per day. In winter, one start-up process, in summer 2 start-ups, and thus approx. 800 more full utilisation hours/year were achieved.
In the project, 2 x 100 KW Brenntwertherms (CGB 100) were installed as a cascade from Wolf as peak load boilers. A sufficiently large buffer volume was installed and a modern fresh water station from Oventrop was installed. After our evaluation, we found that the CHP system with only 35 KW thermal output covered over 60% of the annual energy demand (heat). This was only possible because already the loading of the buffer storage with the Baunach system component rMIX DN25 2×3 RR 5 FWR and the buffer tank is thus loaded according to the 2-zone method. With this system, you can see perfect stratification in the buffer storage tank. The energy once generated remains in the entire system until the coldest system return temperature is reached. The savings potential is incredibly high. The old heating system in the Seehotel consisted of 2 very old oil boilers, each with an output of over 200 KW, which were prone to failure. In total 400 KW and a completely outdated water heating system, where the horizontal storage tank was still insulated with glass wool and plaster. The hotelier was faced with the question of how to cover the heating and hot water requirements in the future. The old heating oil demand was 47,000 litres of heating oil/year. Another question was how to finance a project of this size. The cost estimate was 160,000 € and only a contracting solution was considered, which was concluded over a 15-year period. An underground tank from Rheingas with a capacity of 2.9 t was chosen as the primary energy source. The liquid gas now supplied the entire building with heat and electricity from the CHP, heat from the peak load boiler cascade and the kitchen.

What are the advantages of a rendeMIX and why do you use it?

During the planning phase, the precision with which the Baunach field service and office team accompany a project became apparent. We felt very well looked after and are now certainly an equally reliable Baunach partner in the greater Kaiserslautern area. Our conclusion is: "No more plant without Baunach!". In addition to perfect planning support, project support, commissioning and acceptance of the system, Baunach is always present on request. A big advantage is that we, as craftsmen, are much faster with the installation of the systems and thus already provide our company with advantages with the Baunach system in the calculation of a project and thus enable our end customer to achieve considerable price advantages.
The most important advantage for the customer is that it has significant cost benefits. With the electricity revenues, the contracting rate is essentially refinanced and, in ongoing operation, the LPG consumption costs have fallen by approx. 40 % compared to the previous oil costs.

Would you recommend craftsmen to use Baunach?

Mr. Schreiner recommends the installation of Baunach products to every tradesman, as this system and the technical expertise are irreplaceable for the Schuster & Sohn company. The rendeMix system is a highly efficient system for increasing the efficiency of any heating and cooling application. The Baunach system should be part of the curriculum for training in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning trade, technicians, master craftsmen and engineers. Unfortunately, it is still a niche product.

"No more plant without Baunach!"

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