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Almost all Baunach products are now eligible for BAFA funding of 15% (plus 5% iSFP bonus).

Promotion for all:

Look out for this symbol on our products:

When Baunach products are also eligible for up to 15% (plus 5% iSFP bonus) of the investment sum, there can hardly be a better hand in the sales pitch.

In connection with hydraulic balancing, additional investments and optimisation measures on existing systems can be funded. Among other things, this involves the purchase and professional installation of:

- Separate measurement, control and regulation technology and user interfaces, for example, our rMIX, VTR, RTV
- Buffer storage tanks, for example, our rSTOR
- Technology for volume flow control, e.g. our RTB, DKV, VTB
- valves, e.g. our VSR, DÜV

Why not try working with our end-customer brochures in your sales pitch?

We will also be happy to send you these brochures in printed form, just contact us.

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