The Ro-Bi TEC sanitary, heating and air-conditioning specialist makes perfect use of every ounce of energy.

Specialist craftsman Justin Albrecht from Ro-Bi TEC

TFG member Mr Robert Biesinger, Managing Director of Ro-Bi TEC Robert Biesinger from Rottenburg-Wendelsheim in Baden-Würtemberg, has the rendeMIX for the first time in 2018. He recognised early on the potential behind the rendeMIX assemblies. Robert Biesinger has a rMIX DN25 3×4+3mix R 35 by means of the supplementary product rMIX DN25 2×4 RT 5 by a third heating circuit. He has also added our bestseller, the RTB DN15 T0-40 balancing valve (Fbh) into the return of his underfloor heating circuit. We asked Mr Biesinger about the system and found out why he uses our products.

How did you become aware of the product?

As a member of the TFG Association, I had the opportunity to get to know the products better. Even then, I was convinced of the results and took the step of equipping facilities with your equipment.

Have you already gained experience with the efficiency of the plant? 

So far, I have noticed that the heat output and the efficiency have increased in several systems. This has enabled me to save a lot of energy in my systems.

Why did you decide on a Baunach product and what advantages do these products offer instead of a conventional three-way mixer? 

The optimal stratification and utilisation of the heat in the high-temperature circuit. The high-temperature circuit shoots its return to the flow of the low-temperature circuit. This makes perfect use of every scrap of energy.

Do you know other craftsmen or colleagues who use Baunach products? 

Some TFG members already use Baunach products.

Would you recommend that the Baunach system becomes part of the training at vocational schools, in master craftsman and technician training and in engineering training?

By all means! Baunach is now a standard in hydraulics and should accordingly be part of the training.

"So far, I have noticed that the heat output and the efficiency of several systems have increased.. This has allowed me to save a lot of energy in my installations".

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