20% BAFA subsidy on hydraulic balancing in no time at all

As of now, our return temperature limiter valve for underfloor heating circuits is eligible for funding from BAFA as part of hydraulic balancing.

KfW/BAFA sample funding form

About the product

The RTB valve is a thermostatic return temperature limiter with adjustable maximum temperature and fixed minimum flow in the order of 0.5% of the nominal flow.

The flow rate is adapted to the actual output and thus the heating circuit is automatically hydraulically balanced, which eliminates the need for manual adjustment. In addition, the heating-up time after the night setback is shortened. Furthermore, with an adjusted heating curve, the RTB valve can be used as individual room control by setting the return temperature close to the room temperature. Furthermore, significantly less pump energy is consumed due to lower volume flows. As a practical application of such valves, we recommend mounting them directly on the return collector of commercially available underfloor heating circuit manifolds.

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